Storm Damage Repair in the Gainesville, Alpharetta & Lake Lanier Areas

Storm Damage, Insurance & Gutters

When purchasing homeowners insurance, homeowners should be aware of the details. You will know exactly what your policy covers in case of storm damage to your home. During severe storms, wind, hail and tree damage are all common. These damage most often affect your roof and gutter system.

Most homeowners insurance policies cover storm-related damage and wind damage. Knowing your policy's coverage is important if a storm hits your home with hail, wind-driven rain, snow, or other severe weather conditions. This is especially important when you are deciding on the necessary repairs. Tree removal service might also be covered if you have fallen trees. If you are living in Alpharetta, Gainesville, Cumming, Flowery Branch, Buford and nearby areas feel free to contact us or call us.

Wind and Hail Insurance

Wind and Hail Insurance

After storms, insurance companies are often flooded by calls. Insurance companies are often asked how much they pay for hail damage. Contractor availability can be limited when storm damage reports are high. Contractors are often referred out by insurance companies to handle claims work that isn't in their industry.

As a homeowner, you need to know that you have many options. For jobs such as roofing, gutter systems, siding and other related tasks, you can hire your own contractor. For all damages, you should be able speak to and choose the best contractor. Instead of allowing someone else to subcontract, you should do it yourself. Storm damage should be dealt with by a professional team. This approach is the same as for any other type of hiring. Hire competent, skilled and insured contractors.

Hiring a General Contractor to Repair Storm Damage

Hiring a General Contractor to Repair Storm Damage

It is common for a general contractor to hire sub-contractors to help with additional projects. The cheapest subs are usually hired. However, those with more experience won't be called as they may charge more. The same applies to contractors you hire to repair your home.

You can do your research and find the best contractor to repair your home. Brothers Gutters understands the importance of professionalism, competence, and the value in a job well done. We only do gutters. This allows us to focus on our niche market and perfect our craft.

We can service hail damaged gutters and downspouts. We have franchises all over the US, including those in Florida, Georgia Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, and Texas. Extreme weather is very common in TX and NC. Extreme weather can have severe consequences on your gutter system. Tornandos, another extreme weather phenomenon that causes a lot of storm damage, is another.

Managing Storm Damage with Your HOA

It may seem simpler to hire a general contractor if you're looking to repair storm damage to your homeowners insurance. This can often mean that you lose the right to choose who performs the work. You will need to be able to identify the person who is doing storm repairs to your roof, gutters, or any other exterior elements. It is better to hire a niche roofing contractor or niche gutter installer than a handyman or subcontractor. This is especially important if you are hiring a specialist contractor for the first time. Your repair should not be less quality.

Storm damage can be overwhelming. You still need to ensure you take the right steps to hire. Do not let your urge to hurry get in the way of doing thorough research. Brothers that just do Gutters are available to help you repair your storm damaged gutters. Our estimates are free and we are a niche company providing quality gutter services. Contact us when needed to schedule your free estimate!